Saturday, 14th December 2019

RISE&FALL in Mayrhofen

Welcome to the start zone of this incredible sporting event as it enters its 8th year. From now on, you are in a race against time and your opposing teams. There are no game tactics here. The steep and extreme race course will take you to your limits. Just make sure that you and your team are ready to battle it out against  other teams in four diverse sporting disciplines for the coveted trophy and prize money.


"Four people, one team, no mercy!“ - is the motto behind the extreme ascents and descents  – RISE – for ski tourers and mountain bikers and – FALL - for paragliders and skiers.


So when the start pistol for this unparalleled relay contest in the Zillertal Mountains is fired on 14th December 2019, we hope you managed to secure your start position and were able to master the first hurdle with flying colours. We look forward to seeing you and your team at the latest edition of this extraordinary event. One thing is already certain - this sporting event will be in a class of its own!



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Word on the Ground

Chrigel Maurer (Paraglider)

"RISE&FALL is THE team contest! The challenges presented to the team make this event my annual highlight! For me as a paraglider, it is also important to be able to run quickly and never lose sight of the safety aspects during the start, flight and landing…"

Uwe Hochenwarter (Bike)

"For me, "RISE&FALL is a practically unbeatable team competition, where the smallest mistake ultimately decides between victory or defeat.

Markus Kröll (Ski-touring)

"I have run in races all over the world, but RISE&FALL is something very special!"

Anton Palzer (Ski-touring)

"RISE&FALL is a mega event and presents a considerable challenge to the athletes in every discipline. The short race distances make the competition really exciting and you have no way of knowing who is going to make the winner's podium until the very end. A must for every outdoor athlete!"

Nadine Wallner (Ski)

"RISE&FALL is one of the most thrilling events I know of. The interplay of so many individual sports to decide the winner captivates spectators and enthuses participants with an incredible team spirit."

Roman Rohrmoser (Ski)

"There is simply no comparable event in winter, where spectators are offered so much excitement from beginning to end! It is a nerve-racking competition for the athletes too - may the best team win!"

Lorenz Peer (Paraglider)

"RISE&FALL is the best team competition in winter! The public have a great view of all the action, the event is short and snappy, organisation is perfect. My compliments to the entire team!"

Alban Lakata (Mountain bike)

"As a mountain biker, RISE&FALL brings welcome change to my winter training schedule. Four cool disciplines also make for an exciting competition."

Felix Wiemers (Ski)

RISE&FALL was the first event of the season for me last year. I wasn’t able to demonstrate great early-season form, but please don’t forget the After-Contest-Party. This year I’m going to make sure I grind the ski edges in good time, before heading on down.