TEAM-RACE: The classic RISE&FALL team competition for 85 the women's, men's and mixed relay.This relay competition is a race against time and other participating teams: each team comprises of 4 athletes.


START AND FINISH AREA: Base station of the Ahornbahn cable car in Mayrhofen.


ORDER OF EVENTS: Ski tourers start in the finish area – ascent of the Ahorn downhill run to Gasthof Wiesenhof – baton change to the paragliders – flight down a specified flight corridor, landing as precisely as possible in the finish area – baton change to the mountain bikers – ride up to Wiesenhof – final baton change to the skiers - Ahorn downhill run to the finish area.



• Ski touring 1.7 km – 430 ALTM

• Paraglide 3.2 km – 430 ALTM

• Mountain bike 3.7 km – 430 ALTM

• Ski 1.7 km – 430 ALTM


WINNER: The team whose skier is the first to cross the finish line wins RISE&FALL.