What you need to know about participating in RISE&FALL.

Conditions of Participation 2021

The Conditions of Participation and Regulations provide information on eligibility, entry fee, maximum number of participants, etc. All information will be explained in detail henceforth. 


The participant declares that he/she is in agreement with the following terms and conditions of participation and will acquire eligibility to participate by signing this agreement.


After acquiring permission to participate, these terms and conditions of participation automatically form the basis of a legal agreement with the TVB Mayrhofen (Tourist Board Mayrhofen).






Regulations 2021

RISE&FALL is an extreme sports event.

Every Participant is required to have sufficient levels of fitness and experience in his/her discipline. Permission to enter the race is dependent on acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the race.

On start number allocation, every participant is obliged to sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions in agreement with Race Regulations. Moreover, participation in the "Briefing" session is compulsory! 

Each participant is obliged to bring a completed and signed copy of the Conditions of Participation to the "Briefing"!




Paraglider Information 2021


The information sheet is to be filled out by the pilot and submitted before, or at the very latest, during the briefing.