What you need to know about participating in RISE&FALL.

Conditions of Participation 2022

The participant declares that he/she agrees with the starting conditions and has read and understood the regulations.

By signing this declaration or by the digital confirmation, the right to start is acquired.

With the admission to the competition, these conditions of participation automatically become the subject of a legally effective agreement with the TVB Mayrhofen. (Tourist Board Mayrhofen).




Regulations 2022

The RISE&FALL is an extreme sports event.

Each participant must have sufficient fitness and experience in his/her discipline.

The permission to start is dependent on the acceptance of the conditions of participation.

Furthermore, participation in the ONLINE briefing is mandatory!




Paraglider Information 2022


The information sheet is to be filled out by the pilot and submitted before, or at the very latest, during the briefing.